Atlanta Advocate

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Negligent Driving In An Accident

Human error causes 90% of all road accidents. For these accidents to reduce, drivers should learn how to act accordingly whenever faced with a problem that could result in a road accident.
In some cases, the driver who causes the accident is negligent which means that if he had acted more responsibly, the accident would not have occurred.

Negligent Behavior By Other Driver 

If the driver who caused the accident was drunk, then this can be considered as negligence. This is because a person who gets themselves drunk and makes the decision to drive is, of course careless.

The driver is displaying signs of not being careful on the road. Such instances could be many like the driver does not stop at the red lights, does not watch for crossing pedestrians at the zebra crossing or does not keep a safe distance from the vehicle that is ahead of him.

Over speeding on the road is also an aspect of negligence. This is because when a driver is at a very high speed, they are not in total control of their vehicles and they would not be able to act promptly in case of an emergency. Not following speed limit signs in certain road sections would be categorized as being negligent too.

If the driver is driving a car that is not road worthy, this is also negligent. This is because any vehicle on the road should have all its parts working properly. Essential details like the brakes and lights among other things should be in proper working condition.

Drivers should not use their phones while they are behind the wheel. This is because the phone takes their concentration off the road hence they could very easily cause an accident.

Allowing underage children and unqualified persons to drive your car is also wrong and negligent. This is because they do not have the skills to be in total control of the vehicle and they could very easily cause an accident.